Why use an Immigration Lawyer?

by | Nov 14, 2021

Navigating the Canadian immigration process can be overwhelming. You might find yourself wishing for professional help with your Canadian immigration application. Here are some of the ways a Canadian immigration lawyer can help you:


Individual Eligibility

do you find yourself wondering what Canadian immigration programs you qualify for? You want to come to Canada as a visitor, come to Canada as a student, or find out whether you would qualify for Canadian Permanent Residency? When you set up a consultation with a Canadian immigration lawyer, they can assess your or your eligibility to visit, study, work, or stay long-term in Canada. You can book a consultation with our firm, directly, here. A consultation can also be a time to review what steps you need to take to lay the groundwork to qualify for various Canadian immigration pathways in the future.


Sponsorship, what does that mean?

You want to understand your ability to sponsor a family member. In some cases, you can sponsor a spouse, or a dependent-aged child, or your parents or grandparents; however, it’s important to understand the rules before you apply. You can find out some basic information on sponsorship here. If you have questions about who you can sponsor, and how to apply, a Canadian immigration lawyer can help you to review your options, and assist you with your application to sponsor a family member.



Do you have questions about your Canadian immigration application? Perhaps you have prepared your own application, but have a questions about the Canadian immigration forms, or support documents needed? Maybe you would like some guidance prior to submitting your application—a Canadian immigration lawyer can help. Many people have successfully submitted their own immigration applications but would like to review a few questions in advance of final submission. Book your consultation today, to review those questions to help maximize the likelihood of success of your application. While no immigration lawyer can guarantee outcomes, there are steps you can take to strengthen your application, such as always telling the truth, and fully answering questions on the application forms.


Studying in Canada

Canada is home to many world-class educational institutions. Do you dream of studying in Canada? Have you been accepted to study at a Canadian school and need to understand the study permit procedure? A Canadian immigration lawyer can help you to prepare your study permit application or can help to answer your questions about how to apply for a Canadian study permit on your own.



have you received a refusal of a Canadian immigration application and are not sure what to do next? A Canadian immigration lawyer can help you to review the reasons for refusal, and explain what options are available to you after you receive a refusal.


Formal Representation

A Canadian immigration lawyer can act as your formal representative on your file. That means, they work with you to prepare the required forms, gather the support documents, and submit the application with a cover letter to describe the application. The Canadian immigration lawyer then liaises with the Canadian government on your behalf, and works with you to communicate with IRCC, throughout the application process. You can hire a Canadian immigration lawyer to act as a representative on your behalf from the beginning, or at a certain stage of the application process, should you require support.


Business Immigration

Which programs are available to help your business hire foreign talent? How can you use foreign workers to fill a labour shortage in your Canadian business? When you set up a consultation with a Canadian immigration lawyer, they can assess your or your businesses eligibility for various programs offered through the Federal and Provincial governments to maximize your business success by finding the right mix of both local and foreign talent.


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